Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm a digital kind of guy...


I often consider it a character flaw but, it's just who I am. I settled into my own skin long ago. I'm task orientated as opposed to people orientated and I'm rarely analog. I am a digital kind of guy. I do think, care and do things for others and I try to be spontaneous but sadly, if these things aren't on my 'to-do list' get the picture. My motto is "If it's not on the list, it doesn't exist.."

I always have too many sticks in the fire and those sticks catch on fire and so I add more sticks. Type 'A' personality, over achiever, work alcoholic, jack of all trades-master of none, but that's just me and I find it fun. Concurrently I'm writing book two, storyboarding book two's animated trailer, creating the characters (in a 3D animation program), promoting book one, taking singing lessons, getting back into playing guitar, starting a blog, etc. Each one of these projects has a "to do" list because...if it's not on the list...

So naturally I approached the project of promoting my book like I approach all things; digitally. I first opened EXCEL and in cell A1 I typed "Book Promotion TTD". The TTD stands for Things To Do. Made it bold. Then a blank line then entered 'sort', 'stat' (for status) and 'description'. I added some formatting; reduced the width of the first 5 columns, bold/Italics/size-down for the headings and added some grid lines.

My framework to catch stray ideas established I stare off into the distance taking a puff of my V2 ECig and a sip of imported Italian Roast coffee and try clear my mind of all the things on  the previous ttd list entitled 'Writing' of which 'Promote Book One' was just one line item and, try to forget my main ttd list entitled 'Master TTD' of which 'Work on Writing' was just one of dozens of items. This is a bad move I often take because I totally fail. The shear volume of things I want to accomplish over load my brain I remember that I must also check my Outlook calendar and make sure there's no appointment I need to be at. So my eyes slowly close and...I decide it's time to take a nap.

To be continued...

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