Monday, June 3, 2013

For the benifit for Emo

It was a busy weekend, Saturday we went to a benefit to help a friend with his medical bills from open heart surgery. We paid the optional $10 a person fee to get we entered someone handed me a string of tickets which I didn't give a second thought to and stuck them in my shirt pocket. I had no idea there was a raffle. We stayed and danced to the live R&R bands that played then left a little early. Later that night a friend called to tell us that we had won $550!! Sunday we did our usual thing and went to The Kraken which is dive-biker bar we love located in Cardiff by the Sea on Hwy 101. The person, Emo, is the bass player in the band that plays there every Sun night. He is also the same person the benefit was for and he had our money. He handed it to us and we handed right back as a donation. It was all good fun.

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