Friday, June 7, 2013

Book Promotion: Initial 'to-do' (or task) list


Continuing from my last post... Now that I have a framework to put and sort tasks I need to figure out what those tasks are. I know a lot of them so I just enter those with no regard to order. Then I search the sites I know of--Direct Publishing and CreateSpace--and also go to their community forums and post there asking basically 'what do I do' and ask the same question of support. There are 'how to' ebooks and blogs on marketing your book and I read through these. Along the way I'm adding to my list. When I see I'm reaching the end of what I can consult right now I then fill in the 'sort' column using 0-9, 0 being the items I'll do first. In assigning these numbers I consider importance as well as how long the item will take to do.  For instance 'adding the Kirkus review to my Amazon book detail page' won't take much time but 'add kirkus review to trailer' will take perhaps two weeks so I will put this off while I knock out quick and easy stuff first.  After filling out the sort column I sort my list.

My list now looks like this:

I'm showing about half the list to save space. Notice the item near the bottom 'Visit Syfy bookstore w/books and…' . Here I've placed sub-tasks which are intented. When I reach a task that has a lot of steps I create these sub-tasks mainly to remind me where I'm at with the main task. I often jump around multi-tasking and find I need to leave a task for an extended length of time so this tracks where I'm at when I return to it.

I'll get better at blogging as I go, promise.

Rusty Williamson

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